Project final report

Sustainable Management Practices for Profitable Crop-Livestock Systems in Cambodia and Lao PDR - final report

Date released
01 May 2015
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The agricultural production environment in Cambodia and southern/ central Laos is, in general, harsher than the fertile lowlands of other countries in the region. Soils are generally low in fertility with significant water limitations, and three-quarters of the agriculture is rainfed. The predominance of rice-based farming systems on infertile, poorly structured soils means that current agriculture has rather low productivity on both a labour and a land area basis. Hence, a priority for both Cambodia and southern/ central Laos is to design and implement a sustainable intensification of land use to increase profitability of these farming systems.

Potential modifications to farming systems that lead to sustainable intensification, according to land and water resources, need to be identified and assessed. These changes in farming systems will need to be socially, culturally, economically aligned and take advantage of new and emerging markets for crops and beef in the region, particularly in Thailand and Vietnam. To capitalise on these market opportunities, substantial changes in current production systems will likely be required for small holder farmers.

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