Working with farmers: the key to adoption of forage technologies

Date released
23 January 2003
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W.W.Stur, P.M. Horne, J.B.Hacker & P.C. Kerridge



This proceedings puts on record the papers and posters which were presented and the discussions which were held at the international workshop which marked the completion of the Forages for Smallholders Project. The workshop was held at Cagayan de Oro, the Philippines, from 12-15 October 1999. The objectives of the workshop were: to highlight emerging forage and feed resource technologies that have been adopted widely by resource-poor upland farmers in Southeast Asia; to review experiences and approaches that have led to adaptation and then adoption of new technologies by resource-poor farmers and the identify future research and development needs based on experiences at the farm level. Eighty researchers, development workers and administrators from Asia, Africa, Australia and South America participated in the workshop. (ISSN 1447-0837)