Outcome Evaluation

Technologies for giant grouper aquaculture

Date released
20 June 2024
Publication Code

Helen Moriarty, Independent Evaluator
Jane Symonds, Cawthron Institute
Thai Van Nguyen, Independent Consultant


Giant grouper was identified as a high-value, fast-growing fish species with significant aquaculture potential for Vietnam, the Philippines and Australia. However, its economic potential was limited by inefficient commercial production of juvenile fish, a lack of knowledge about maturation and spawning behaviour, and low larval survival rates.

Two ACIAR-funded projects were established to investigate sustainable technologies for grouper breeding, genetic broodstock management and larval-rearing technologies. The goal of the project was to establish a sustainable grouper industry in partner countries and strengthen the regional aquaculture industry.

This evaluation of the projects found that the research contributed to the hybrid grouper becoming a profitable and preferred crop for hatcheries and grow-out farmers. The projects also reduced the reliance on imported fingerlings and potentially decreased the pressure on wild grouper populations. Hybrid grouper was suited to different farm sizes, including small-scale farms. Overall, the evaluation found that improved availability of hybrid grouper aquaculture has had a positive and lasting impact on household income and wellbeing in the region.