Technical report

Success stories in agricultural water management research for development

Date released
17 May 2020
ISBN 978-1-925746-68-6
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Dr Evan W Christen (Editor)


As global demand for natural resources increases and the challenges of a changing climate intensify, so too does the critical importance of research to inform sustainable agricultural water management. Water scarcity—surface water and groundwater—and water quality degradation affect most developing countries. As much as 60% of the global population is predicted to face water scarcity in some form by 2025. Agricultural water management has been an integral focus of ACIAR since 1982 and so far, ACIAR has invested in a great deal of research relating to agricultural water management.

This ACIAR Technical Report presents six short papers in the field of agricultural water management. The papers outline the findings from ACIAR-supported research during the past decade, covering a range of  topics, from on-farm agronomy for improved water use efficiency to participatory management of groundwater resources in southern Africa and south Asia.