New edition of Partners magazine now available

24 March 2020

The latest edition of ACIAR’s Partners in Research for Development magazine is now available.

In our first edition of Partners Magazine for 2020, we focus on globalising agrifood chains and examine how ACIAR-funded research is providing healthy, nutritious and safe food for smallholder farmers while developing more sustainable and resilient food systems.

Feature articles cover the supply of accredited safe vegetables by smallholder indigenous farmers in northwest Vietnam, the progress of the International Mungbean Improvement Network in Myanmar,  and how innovation platforms are bringing farmers together to improve milk and honey production and access to markets in Africa. 

International Agricultural Research Commissioner Dr Sasha Courville shares her insights into the value of engaging with the private sector on shared value projects that address development challenges and social issues profitably. This edition also includes profiles on Dr Segenet Kelemu, one of the newest members of the Policy Advisory Council, and Dr Sandra Heaney-Mustafa, who has been working to improve the water and irrigation management skills of Pakistani farmers through work supported by ACIAR.

ACIAR’s capacity building program congratulates the inaugural cohort of Meryl Williams Fellowship participants and reminds our readers that applications for the John Allwright Fellowship are now open.

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