Supporting access to mango research information, communication, collaboration and capacity development

man holding a green mango
Project code
AUD 270,000
Project leader
Dr Robin Roberts, Griffith University
Commissioned organisation
Griffith University
JUN 2017
OCT 2019
Project status
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This project aimed to support and enhance information access, communication, collaboration and capacity for mango agribusiness at regional and country-levels in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mangoes provide a powerful vehicle for increasing the incomes of smallholder farmers across many parts of the Asia-Pacific region. Mangoes are also one of the most economically significant tropical fruits for over 800 farmers in Australia.

Specifically, this SRA project engaged with the aligned mango agribusiness small research activity (SRA) projects (AGB/2016/007; AGB/2016/008; AGB/2016/009; AGB/2016/010) to deliver coordinated research outcomes and optimise investment efficiency. The projects contributed to a broader development outcome to help smallholder farmers and mango industry stakeholders in ACIAR partner countries and Australia derive greater income and livelihood benefits from the production and sale of mango and mango products.

The projects undertook specific studies related to understanding collaboration and communication between researchers, as well as trade and market situations in mainland China. From a broader regional perspective, market entry and biosecurity, implications for mango quality, and tropical fruit processing in South-East Asia and Australia were investigated and the program outcomes provide input into the longer-term perspective to inform ACIAR-funded mango research projects.

Project outcomes

  • Supported and enhanced information access, communication, collaboration and capacity-building across the program.
  • Developed an online platform: Asia–Pacific Mango Network website.
  • Facilitated an early career researcher small study program.
  • Evaluated the use of QR codes as communication tools for end consumers in China.
map showing countries of south east asia
Key partners
Griffith University