Project final report

ACIAR Mango Agribusiness Research Program - Final Report

Date released
07 June 2022
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Robin Roberts, Peter Johnson, Alec Zuo


This report presents the outcomes of the 2017–19 ACIAR Mango Agribusiness Research Program comprising five projects. Collectively, the projects aimed to support improved research, industry and market development, decision-making through agribusiness research, targeted situation analysis, pilot research activities, information exchange, capacity development and partnership development.

The projects contributed to a broader development outcome to help smallholder farmers and mango industry stakeholders in ACIAR partner countries and Australia derive greater income and livelihood benefits from the production and sale of mango and mango products.

    Summary of outputs

    • Supported and enhanced information access, communication, collaboration and capacity-building across the program
    • Developed an online platform: Asia–Pacific Mango Network website
    • Facilitated an early career researcher small study program
    • Evaluated the use of QR codes as communication tools for end consumers in China Mango markets
    • Delivered key information and analysis for understanding current market dynamics and supply and demand across different mango market segments in mainland China
    • Produced reports addressing the challenges and opportunities for meeting requirements for mango export to China markets, including direct entry and crossborder trade, e-commerce, consumer willingness to pay, and purchasing preferences and buying characteristics Mango biosecurity
    • Gained an understanding of opportunities and strategies for improving biosecurity, market access and trade in selected mango markets in South-East Asia and Australia Final report: ACIAR Mango Agribusiness Research Program Page 3 Mango quality
    • Produced the ACIAR Mango Quality Assessment Kit
    • Undertook a preliminary study to develop a common approach to assessing, describing and improving fruit quality in Asian mango supply chains Tropical fruit processing
    • Documented the latest issues, constraints and opportunities influencing the viability and profitability of mango fruit processing in South-East Asia and Australia

    View the project pages

    Supporting access to mango research information, communication, collaboration and capacity development (AGB/2016/006)

    Challenges and opportunities for meeting requirements of China mango markets (AGB/2016/007)

    Opportunities to improve biosecurity, market access and trade for selected mango markets (AGB/2016/008)

    Enhancing mango fruit quality in Asian mango chains (AGB/2016/009)

    Agribusiness research and development opportunities for tropical fruit processing in the Asia–Pacific region (AGB/2016/010)