Strengthening leadership, coordination and economic development of the temperate fruit industry in northern Vietnam

Vietnamese farmer
Project code
AUD 235,000
Research program manager
Mr Howard Hall
Project leader
Dr Oleg Nicetic, The University of Queensland
MAR 2019
JUL 2021
Project status
Legally committed/Active
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This project aims to strengthen leadership, coordination and economic development of the temperate fruit industry in northern Vietnam through the formation and development of a professional and inclusive multi-stakeholder industry association

NB. This is a follow-on project based on the outcomes and impacts from project AGB/2012/060.

Together with important temperate fruit actors in Son La, the project team studied examples of existing associations in Vietnam and Australia and explored different governance structures, business models and communication mechanisms for an industry association to function and deliver benefit to its various stakeholders.

After conducting a rapid market appraisal of Hanoi market for processed products, the project team went through a consultative process with key association stakeholders to prioritise market segments and conduct in-depth research on the more promising segments. Participatory assessment of market research results were followed by technical support (development of technological protocols) for local initiatives. This process involved various stakeholders in fruit processing industry, including local processors and retailers at end markets.

Project outcomes

  • Developing and analysed group organisational structures, communication mechanisms, information collection and management systems required for an industry association to function efficiently and benefit its stakeholders. 
  • Implementing and evaluated options to enhance temperate fruit nursery production and variety management capacity and improved Son La temperate fruit sector’s access to improved varieties outside Vietnam.
  • Developing capability of the association to evaluate and capitalise on opportunities for temperate fruit processing.
Key partners
Fruit & Vegetable Research Institute, Vietnam