A Theory of Change for inclusive value chains in the Philippines

Philippines community
Project code
AUD 200,000
Research program manager
Mr Howard Hall
Project leader
Dr Oleg Nicetic, The University of Queensland
JUN 2019
JUN 2021
Project status
Legally committed/Active
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This project aimed to develop a theory of change for inclusive agribusiness models for market-oriented value chains in the Philippines

The focus of this project is to bring together inclusive business models and community development to map the different plausible pathways by which outputs of research and use of technology will lead to outcomes and impact on the ground to improve smallholder livelihoods and develop their communities.

This project is part of a scoping exercise that informs on inclusive value chains in order to maximise effectiveness and impact.

Substantial emphasis will be placed on engagement and participation of the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development Sector managers, particularly in agribusiness and leadership capability development, and the analysis and identification of opportunities where agribusiness development can lead to inclusive impacts at scale.

Project outcomes

  • Identifying examples of current inclusive agribusiness initiatives, and describe the approaches applied and stakeholders involved.
  • Engaging stakeholders in inclusive agribusiness initiatives in the identification of effective pathways and suitable partners for a future inclusive value chains project
  • Co-developing a theory of change for project AGB/2018/196 on inclusive value chains.
Key partners
Foodlink Advocacy Cooperative, Philippines
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)