Climate change

Transformation pathways for Pacific coastal food systems

Project code
AUD 1,965,540
Research program manager
Dr Veronica Doerr
Project leader
Dr James Butler
Commissioned organisation
Cawthron Institute
FEB 2023
MAR 2026
Project status
Legally committed/Active
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This project aims to develop and test processes and tools that build transformative capacity in the Solomon Islands and Kiribati, eventually triggering a step-change in coastal food systems evidenced by improved diet, nutrition and community health; community food self-sufficiency; enhanced climate and disaster resilience; restoration and stewardship of natural resources, and diversified livelihoods.

This will provide an evidence base that will encourage a regional shift to food systems transformation through the involvement of multiple project partners. 

Expected project outcomes

  • Promoting and applying traditional knowledge.
  • Empowering women and youth.
  • Solutions-oriented and systems-thinking and proactive mindsets.
  • Emerging of leaders and champions and collective action
  • Expanding community and international stakeholder networks.
  • Mainstreaming of process into local development planning.
  • Scaling up of enabling governance.
  • Developing knowledge brokers with skills to maintain process.
map of Solomon Islands
Key partners
Cawthron Institute
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Live and Learn Kiribati
Pacific Community
University of Technology Sydney
World Wide Fund for Nature-Pacific