Characterisation of Spodoptera frugiperda (fall armyworm) populations in South-East Asia and Northern Australia

Scientist looking at fall armyworm specimens
Project code
AUD 250,000
Research program manager
Dr Eric Huttner
Project leader
Dr Wee Tek Tay, CSIRO
JUN 2020
JUN 2021
Project status
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This project aimed to characterise the populations of Spodoptera frugiperda (fall armyworm, FAW) in crop production systems of South-East Asia and Northern Australia as the first step towards developing long-term management options.

This is a small project aimed at foundational research activities necessary for potentially scoping future research steps. There is a focus on two key areas. Firstly, understanding which FAW management options that are currently being used successfully in other parts of the world may apply to SEA farming systems. Secondly, characterising the FAW populations in different regions of Australia and SEA. This characterisation will tell us if there is some form of genetic population differences between the populations, and any existing levels of insecticide resistance in the current populations. The knowledge generated as part of this project will be useful for the development of future Integrated Pest Management approaches and a draft resistance management plan.

Project outcomes

  • Understanding what FAW management options exist or can be easily implemented in South East Asia.
  • Discovering which crop/plant diversification options are available to increase resilience in maize production systems that assist with integrated FAW management.
  • Determining whether the populations of FAW differ between SEA countries/Nth Australia and in terms of their population genetic diversity and current pesticide resistance profiles.