Livestock Systems

Policy support to the Philippines’ National Surveillance and Control Programs

Herminia Moreno feeds their chicken at their farm in the village of Assumption, Koronadal City, Province of South Cotabato, Mindanao, the Philippines.
Project code
AUD 1,000,000
Research program manager
Dr Anna Okello
Project leader
Yusuf Sucol
Commissioned organisation
University of the Philippines, Los Baños
DEC 2022
DEC 2025
Project status
Legally committed/Active
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This project aims to update Philippines' research evidence and novel policy support to its national surveillance and control programs on African Swine Fever (ASF), Avian Influenza (AI) and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in strengthening the country's ecosystem and national development roadmap for food animal and agriculture, public health, and environment using the global One Health socio-economic and ecological system assessment approach.

This research project is expected to contribute to achieving a safer and economically progressive community, a healthier and a more stable environment, and a more sustainable animal industry and animal health system. It is expected these will be risk-informed, adaptive, and responsive to the country's lingering food security threats resulting from continuous agricultural losses, threatening food and feed price hikes, and unstable food animal-based markets because of endemic and emerging/re-emerging infectious and transboundary livestock diseases and animal zoonoses.

These diseases are still continually impacting the Philippine animal industry and the industry's value chain-dependent sectors and sub-sectors. Considering this, multi-sectoral, multi-agency, and multi-institutional approaches are necessary to comprehensively and inclusively respond to this problem.

This project is part of the ACIAR/IDRC Research Program on One Health (AIRPOH) —a partnership between ACIAR and Canada’s International Research Development Centre. The program forms a portfolio of interconnected projects throughout East and South-East Asia supporting research that will have a transformative impact on human, animal and environmental health.


Project activities and expected outcomes

  • Providing up-to-date research evidence and country situational analysis on ASF, AI and AMR disease biology, ecology, geography, and epidemiology for the government agencies, livestock industries, animal farms, and local communities to support the enhancement, effectiveness, and efficiency of their programs and policies that will form the basis of the One Health Innovation Framework for ASF, AI and AMR.
  • Providing a suitable One Health assessment approach for ASF, AI and AMR to explain the interconnection and dynamics of disease emergence in the One Health Triad (animals, humans/people, and their shared environment within an ecosystem) that will form the basis in designing an innovative One Health Triad Algorithm and/or the One Health Biosecurity Protocol to cope up with the rising concern and recorded observations and observed timelines on ASF, AI and AMR recurrence/re-emergence.
  • Improved social, environmental and economic One Health research and laboratory networking in the country and in Southeast Asia region to sustain a diverse environment for One Health scientists, researchers, industry practitioners.
Map of the Philippines
Key partners
University of the Philippines, Lost Baños