In partnership with Canada's International Development Research Centre, ACIAR is investing in One Health research that will have a transformative impact on human, animal and environmental health.

ACIAR has a long history of investing in programs that address the linkages between food security and human health through a One Health approach. The One Health concept acknowledges that we cannot achieve optimal health of the global human population if our agrifood systems are broken, our environment is polluted, or veterinary systems and services are not adequately resourced to control zoonotic diseases.

Partners investing in One Health research 

Together with Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC), ACIAR is investing in a new One Health research program, promoting a collaborative, multi-sectoral and integrated approach to ensure the health of humans, animals and our environment across six countries in East and South-East Asia.

Jointly funded for AUD$4.3 million, the ACIAR/IDRC Research Program on One Health (AIRPOH), will form a portfolio of interconnected projects supporting research that will have a transformative impact on human, animal and environmental health.

Four initial proposals have been selected with research teams from the Royal University of Agriculture in Cambodia, the University of the Philippines, the National University of Laos, Bogor Agricultural Institute in Indonesia and the Menzies School of Health Research commissioned through to December 2025.


The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) is the Australian Government’s specialist agricultural research-for-development agency within the Australian aid program. The purpose of ACIAR is to contribute to reducing poverty and improving the livelihoods of many in the Indo-Pacific region through more productive and sustainable agriculture emerging from collaborative international research.

About IDRC

As part of Canada’s foreign affairs and development efforts, IDRC champions and funds research and innovation within and alongside developing regions to drive global change. They invest in high quality-research in developing countries, share knowledge with researchers and policymakers for greater uptake and use, and mobilise their global alliances to build a more sustainable and inclusive world.

ACIAR and IDRC have been successfully collaborating to invest and support international agricultural research for development since 2013.