Improving village chicken production: a manual for field workers and trainers

Date released
02 August 2009
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Ahlers C., Alders R.G., Bagnol B., Cambaza A.B., Harun M., Mgomezulu R., Msami H., Pym B., Wegener P., Wethli E. and Young M.


Australia has supported the implementation of effective village chicken production programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America, including several research projects funded by ACIAR. This investment in research and development, always in collaboration with producers, traders and other stakeholders, has been shown to increase poultry numbers, household purchasing power, home consumption of chicken products (resulting in improved nutrition for families) and the decision-making power of women. This manual is focused on developing countries. It describes husbandry practices and biosecurity measures for village chickens that can be implemented using locally available resources. These measures will lead to both increased productivity and improved protection from disease in village chicken systems. Village chicken improvement programs have the potential to contribute to each of the Millennium Development Goals and to do so for the most vulnerable families in developing countries.