Project final report

Supporting the Tracking Learning Sharing Platform of the Adaptation Research Alliance - Final Report

Date released
21 February 2023
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Diana Sousa, Aditya Bahadur, Laura Rawden, Sydney Church


The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) has been supporting the Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA) in the process to build and maintain an integrated website, knowledge base and communication platform for the support of the Tracking, Learning and Sharing (TLS) activities within the ARA Secretariat.

The website is used as an informational source to researchers, policy makers and practitioners working on climate adaptation and resilience but will also inform the general public about the ARA. Launching the TLS platform was always intended to be an initial working version, knowing that more time is needed to get sufficient feedback from trial users to improve its functionality.

It is suggested that the ARA work closely with members and partners to collaboratively improve the TLS platform through stakeholder engagements in 2023. These engagements should result in a series of iterations to the site that improve its functionality and user experience. This process not only ensures the TLS platform is fit for purpose, but also gives members a sense of shared purpose and buy-in. This will support their adoption of the platform, and enable members to use it to strengthen engagement, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The TLS platform is positioned to play a critical role in facilitating ARA member communication, knowledge exchange and learning as well as increase the overall visibility of the Alliance to the wider public.

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