Project final report

Development of fish passage technology to increase fisheries production on floodplains in the lower Mekong basin - Final report

Date released
22 January 2016
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Lee Baumgartner (Ed)

Co-authors: Tim Marsden, Joanne Millar, Garry Thorncraft, Oudom Phonekhampheng, Douangkham Singhanouvong, Khampheng Homsombath, Wayne Robinson, Jarrod McPherson, Kate Martin, Craig Boys


This project aimed to determine whether a fishway could be applied as a technology to rehabilitate degraded floodplain fisheries in the Lower Mekong Basin.

Globally, fishways have been used to provide connectivity at riverine infrastructure which creates fish migration barriers. Fishways are a channel around or through a migration barrier which allow fish to move volitionally. Many designs are available to facilitate fish passage, but applying designs that have been developed for other species can lead to sub-optimal solutions that can limit recovery outcomes. It is important that any fish passage solution is based on the sound knowledge of local species and that design characteristics have been well formulated through scientific investigations.