Project final report

Accelerating the development of finfish mariculture in Cambodia through south-south research cooperation with Indonesia - Final Report

Date released
27 June 2023
Publication Code

Dr Mike Rimmer, Professor Nicholas Paul, Dr Silva Larson, Mr Valentin Thépot Mr Somony Thay, Dr Hav Viseth, Dr Asda Laining, Sri Redjeki H. Mulyaningrum, Dr Usman, Professor Rachman Syah, Dr Andi Indrajaya Asaad, Mr Muhammad Chaidir Undu, Professor Haryanti, Professor N.A. Giri, Mrs Suko Ismi, Dr Ketut Mahardika, Mr Zafran, Mr Ahmad Muzaki, Ms Yasmina Nirmala Asih, Dr Stewart Fielder, Dr Igor Pirozzi


This project aimed to accelerate the development of finfish mariculture in Cambodia by leveraging previous and ongoing ACIAR R&D investments in Indonesia through South-South cooperation.

It has demonstrated successful outcomes both in the area of original research to support aquaculture development in Cambodia, Indonesia, and Australia, and in strengthening the capability of FiA to support sustainable marine finfish aquaculture in Cambodia.

All participating agencies view the training program as having had positive outcomes:

  • Provided increased technical knowledge in the relevant domains (larval rearing, fish nutrition, disease diagnostics).
  • Created strong personal and professional linkages between Indonesian and Cambodian researchers.
  • Increased teamwork and coordination, within MARDeC and between MARDeC and FiA DAD in Phnom Penh.
  • Increased leadership skills, particularly amongst those FiA staff nominated as mentors.

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