Project final report

Supporting grouper farming smallholders in Vietnam to improve their SME businesses by engaging with aquafeed companies to produce commercial feeds - Final Report

Date released
01 November 2023
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Leo Nankervis, Le van Khoi, Nguyen van Nguyen, Truong Ha Phuong, Truong Quoc Thai, Caroline Candebat, Grace Butler, Albino Maveto, Thibault Eddie


This project aimed to establish key nutrient requirement levels to remove limitations in the existing feed supply and lay a foundation for further development of grouper feeds.

The hybrid grouper aquaculture sector in Vietnam and the giant grouper aquaculture industry in Australia are both profitable, but both face limitations due to a lack of suitable feeds. The hybrid grouper industry relies on wild-caught small fish, which are of limited supply and variable quality. In Australia, formulated feed is used, but it is not suitable for grouper growth, health, and feed efficiency. The project engaged with feed suppliers in Australia and Vietnam, involving them in longer-term planning for feed development.

The project highlighted that feed supply capacity is not a limitation in Vietnam, with a need for approximately 25,000 tonnes of formulated grouper feed to support the current industry size. The project also provided a pathway to commercialisation in both countries and future research activities, such as feed benchmarking. Implementation and farmer appreciation of advancements in feed technology are also needed to facilitate the shift from trash fish to formulated feeds.

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