Project final report

Improved rice establishment and productivity in Cambodia and Australia - Final report

Date released
18 March 2016
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Geoff Beecher, Jack Desbiolles, David Johnson, Bob Martin, Sam North, Rajinder Singh, Som Bunna, Ngin Chhay, Joel Janiya, Seng Vang, Chuong Sophal, Men Roat and Tina Dunn


This project aimed to enhance rice system productivity in rainfed and irrigated
lowland systems (including direct seeded systems) through better matching of production systems to soil type and water availability/quality and through mechanisation.

Rice remains the cornerstone of Cambodian agriculture. This project successfully completed a large number of field experiments, demonstrations, socio-economic surveys, and database development which produced a large volume of new information which, if adopted, can improve rice crop establishment, productivity and profitability in Cambodia.