Project final report

Building capacities for an integrated land use and livestock MRV system in Ethiopia - Final Report

Date released
21 June 2023
Publication Code

Dawit Solomon, Shimels Wassie, Million Tadesse, Derek Baker, Andreas Wilkes


This project aimed to support Ethiopian stakeholders to improve the methods and procedures used to produce and manage the livestock activity data required for measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) of greenhouse gases (GHG) in Ethiopia. It aimed to trial ways of filling data gaps and ways of improving data quality, orienting and fostering multi-stakeholder approaches to selected data collection, analysis, and dissemination activities toward MRV and livestock data.

There is strong demand for improved livestock activity data in many African countries. Livestock data can support improved GHG inventories and MRV of climate policies and measures and also meet livestock sector stakeholders’ other needs for accessible, good-quality data. While there is a clear need to support the collection of more data, there is also a need to better understand the effectiveness and suitability of different data collection methods targeted for use by different stakeholders and for different purposes.

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