Project final report

Local forms of resilience in pastoral areas: a scoping study in Northern Kenya - Final Report

Date released
19 July 2023
Publication Code

Prepared by: Tahira Shariff Mohamed

Co-authors: Ian Scoones and Hussein Wario


This project aimed to map uncertainties affecting livestock production in northern Kenya's Isiolo and Marsabit Counties, document reliability network professionals, investigate local resilience, and present findings in blog posts and a final report.

The study suggests that resilience-building programs in pastoral areas should recognise and embrace high-reliability professionals' networks, such as herd owners, herders, traditional doctors, mobile money service providers, agrovet dealers, brokers, and NGOs. These networks are essential for real-time, early, and effective crisis management. Future studies should explore their identities and networks, and integrate them into resilience programs for enhanced resilience. Strengthening these networks in a pastoral context through pilot projects could uncover new ways of thinking about resilience for pastoral development.

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