Partners magazine

Partners magazine 2021 Issue 3

Date released
23 September 2021


Over the past 50 years, aggregate levels of global agricultural production have increased substantially, faster than global population growth. As a result, more people have had more food to eat, alleviating hunger for many. But too often, that food lacks important nutrients, and its production has come at a cost of unsustainable water, energy, and other external input usage.

Now, as the world looks to transform its food systems, it is clear that we have to produce more nutritious and healthier food, and we have to do it more sustainably. These concepts are embedded in the ACIAR 10-Year Strategy 2018–2027 which includes goals to transform food systems that target better human health and nutrition and mitigate climate change, alongside our traditional objectives of reducing poverty and improving food security.

In this edition of Partners, as part of our focus on the United Nations Food Systems Summit, we explore ideas behind food systems transformation and stories of how partnering can increase and scale-out our impact across different food systems and geographies.

In this edition: 

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