Sustainable intensification of maize-legume systems for food security in eastern and southern Africa (SIMLESA): Lessons and way forward

Date released
10 May 2021
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Wilkus, E, Mekuria, M, Rodriguez, D & Dixon, J


For almost a decade, ACIAR brokered and invested in an ambitious, multidisciplinary applied research program in eastern and southern Africa. The program was called Sustainable intensification of maize–legume cropping systems for food security in eastern and southern Africa or SIMLESA for short. It was a flagship program that demonstrated to farmers, business people, policymakers and ministers, the promise and opportunity of conservation agriculture-based sustainable intensification.

This book is a comprehensive and authoritative synthesis of selected results and lessons, reflecting the hard work and lessons learned by more than 60 African and 15 international and Australian scientists. The 26 chapters of this book build on the results of the SIMLESA program, identifying possible ways forward for sustainable intensification.

This book will serve as a reference for those studying African agricultural science and food security. It will also be of interest to Australian and international scientists who wish to support the development of African farming and food systems.