Project final report

Analysing Gender Transformative Approaches to Agricultural Development with Ethnic Minority Communities in Vietnam - Final Report

Date released
23 August 2023
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Associate Professor Rochelle Spencer, Associate Professor Jane Hutchison, Dr Huong Ngo Thi Thanh


This project aimed to analyse the process of gender transformation that is facilitated by the suite of tools used in the Technologically Enhanced Agricultural Livelihoods (TEAL) northern uplands project in Vietnam with Thai ethnic minority farmers, to provide an evidence base on how and why gender relations are transformed, and Thai women farmers are empowered.

The findings of this report highlight the distinctive contribution of gender transformative approaches to recognise, question and challenge harmful gender norms and unequal power relations. The empirical data highlights that GTAs foster critical awareness among men and women to contest the gendered allocation of duties, as well as the unequal distribution of and access to resources in rural contexts. The relational nature of gender transformative approaches (GTA) points to the potential for long-term changes in gender equality. The recommended actions aim to address these findings and maximise the positive impact that a focus on funding localised gender research can have on gender equality.

The small research activity (SRA) demonstrated the positive impacts of the gender transformative approach in agricultural development programming, highlighting changes at the individual, relational, and community levels.

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