Project final report

Developing markets and products for the Pacific Island and PNG canarium nut industry - Final report

Date released
06 October 2016
978-1-925436-84-6 published by ACIAR GPO Box
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Helen Wallace (Ed), Craig Johns, Jen Carter, Kim Jones, Bruce Randall, Maria Raciti, Colin Bunt, Elektra Grant, David Walton, Tio Nevenimo, Joseph Tungon, Ioan Viji, Votausi McKenzie, Richard Pauku 


This project aimed to identify and develop market led opportunities to improve and build the capacity of the canarium nut industries.

Canarium indicum is an indigenous timber tree that grows throughout the south Pacific and
produces edible nuts. The processed canarium nut industry is in its infancy in Pacific Island
countries and has great potential to improve livelihoods.

Project outcomes

  • Conducted consumer and customer research to understand the markets and the market segments.
  • Analysed drivers and barriers to stakeholder industry participation and capacity
  • Developed processing techniques tailored to each countries market, consumer and supply chain circumstances with capacity for expansion.