Project final report

Development of durable engineered wood products in Papua New Guinea and Australia - final report

Date released
01 September 2019
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Tony Dakin and William Leggate, Forest Product Innovation, Queensland Government Department of Agriculture and Fisheries


This project contributed to social and economic benefits in Papua New Guinea (PNG) through new and improved engineered wood product (EWP) technologies.

PNG has abundant forest resources. Harvesting from these forests and subsequent processing activities generate significant value to landowners, communities and local economies.

EWPs offer a significant opportunity in PNG and Australia. Working directly with private sector businesses to accelerate the development of novel EWPs has greatly improved the capacity, skills and knowledge within the industry, and tapped into potential markets.

Traditionally the PNG forestry industry has been a major log exporter to markets in Japan, Korea and China. Recent government policies are encouraging the development of processing and manufacturing to create more value in-country and realise the associated benefits.