Project final report

Improving market engagement, postharvest management and productivity of the Cambodian and Lao PDR vegetable industries - final report

Date released
24 March 2020
Publication Code

Mr Jeremy Badgery-Parker


This project developed innovative production and supply chain systems to enable the Cambodian and Laos vegetable industries to meet year-round consumer demand for vegetables.

Vegetable production in Cambodia is expanding, with current production estimates at 400,609 tonnes/year. This increase in production is still insufficient to meet current consumer demand with domestic production heavily supplemented by imports. In Lao PDR, vegetable production is 1.23 million tonnes/year with imports accounting for 10-20%. Whilst vegetable consumption is higher in Lao PDR, there are large differences between provinces.

The vegetable industries in Cambodia and Lao PDR face a number of shared challenges – low yields, poor competitiveness with Thailand and Vietnam, high post-harvest losses, product that does not conform to quality and safety demands of consumers, and meeting market demand during the wet season.

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