Technical report

Tuna baitfish and the pole-and-line industry in Kiribati

Date released
31 December 1992
Publication Code

N J F Rawlinson, D A Milton & S J M Blaber



OUT OF PRINT The pole-and-line fishery (a low-cost high-employment technique of tuna fishing(requires live baitfish to lure the tuna close to the boat. An ACIAR-supported tuna baitfish research project was completed in 1991 and this report details project results. Topics covered include assessment of tuna and baitfish resources in Kiribati and baitfish biology. In addition to research on baitfish, the project looked to methods to improve the overall efficiency and viability of baitfishing and thus of the pole-and-line fleet as a whole. Changes to the timing of fishing, alternative sites and bait, and improvements to baitfishing techniques likely to lead to a more profitable industry are proposed