Project final report

Opportunities for brackish and saline aquaculture in Pakistan - Final Report

Date released
21 May 2024
Publication Code

Sidra Khalid, Mohsin Hafeez, Syed Mehtab Shah, Najeeb Ullah and Hafsa Aeman


This project aimed to understand the production system and constraints of smallholder saline aquaculture farmers in Pakistan and focused on filling the gaps in data and information to support the sustainable development of saline aquaculture in Pakistan.

Saline aquaculture is an alternative livelihood option for rural communities in Pakistan affected by salinity and waterlogging, particularly in the provinces of Punjab and Sindh. This report presents the findings of the scoping study on saline aquaculture in these provinces.

This study provides important insights into the saline aquaculture landscape in Pakistan, including farmer needs, government and private sector capacity and interest, and limitations hindering the sector's growth. It is hoped that the findings will inform policymakers, decision-makers, and investors on interventions, paths, and trends for the sustainable development of saline aquaculture in Pakistan.

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