Project final report

Information for Agriculture, Food and Water Security – Digital Earth Africa - Final Report

Date released
14 February 2024
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Michael Wellington, Kenneth Mubea, Joshua Okonya, Lisa-Maria Rebelo, Joseph Tuyishimire, Zviko Mudimu, Adam Lewis, Lisa Hall, Moses Odeke, Achilley Ssebwana


This project aimed to understand the ways that Earth observation (EO)-based services could be better utilised to sustainably increase agricultural productivity in Africa through improved water use. 

Digital Earth Africa (DE Africa) is an operational platform that produces EO data and derived products, with a very strong focus on food and water security. They make this data accessible to a diverse range of users across the African continent, including policy makers, scientists and industry. 

The 'Information for Agriculture, Food and Water Security – Digital Earth Africa' project recognised the underuse of these resources outside the research and government sectors, and sought to find ways in which the information could be more effectively disseminated, and identify the kinds of capacity building activities that would be required to support this roll out. 

The immediate impacts of this project, arising from the consultative needs assessment, include:

  • improved the capacity of approximately 200 people from approximately 145 different organisations in how to access, analyse, and interpret Earth observation data and apply it to their own situation
  • the strengthening of the network of researchers and value chain actors interested in EO in eastern and central Africa
  • results disseminated in workshops in all 6 countries, attended by a total of 177 participants
  • delivered a roadmap for DE Africa to produce services tailored to improve productivity and build resilience.

The roadmap that was developed as a result of the project is a living document that will continue to inform the development of capacity building tools and dissemination activities over the next 5 years. 

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