Initiating private sector partnerships to sustainably grow the smallholder dairy sectors of Indonesia and the Philippines

Project code
AUD 186,551
Research program manager
Mr Howard Hall
Project leader
Dr Brad Granzin
DEC 2021
JUN 2022
Project status
Legally committed/Active
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This project aims to identify potential project partners (both private and government) to engage in collaboratively developing viable smallholder inclusive value chain models and coordination approaches to enable smallholder dairy chains to gain improved access to critical inputs, services, and training; leading to upgrading in production and milking processes (e.g. productivity, diary operations) and products (e.g. quality, hygiene and safety, value-adding); and ultimately result in increased SHD profitability.

The project also aims to identify how to scale-up and scale out potentially “successful” approaches and build capacity with industry, policy makers and researchers in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Project outcomes

  • Undertaking environmental scans of smallholder dairy value chains, public stakeholders, private enterprises and dairy development projects in Indonesia and the Philippines.
  • Undertaking a landscape analysis of Central and Eastern Java dairy value chains, identify potential private sector partners and evaluate the feasibility of proposed  market-based interventions.
  • Developing a project prospectus for potential private sector partners for project AGB/2021/124.
  • Identifying and undertaking initial engagement meetings with potential Indonesian and Philippine private sector partners.
  • Consulting with pre-engaged dairy value chain stakeholders in Indonesia and the Philippines regarding the strategic direction and status of project AGB/2021/124.
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