Project final report

Initiating private sector partnerships to sustainably grow the smallholder dairy sectors of Indonesia and the Philippines - Final Report

Date released
23 January 2023
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Dr Brad Granzin; Foodlink Advocacy Co-operative; PT Mitra Asia Lestari; Roberto Acosta


This project aimed to identify potential project partners (private and government) to collaboratively develop viable smallholder inclusive value chain models and to enable smallholder dairy chains to gain improved access to critical inputs, services, and training; leading to upgrading in production and milking processes and products, and ultimately result in increased smallholder dairy profitability.

The project completed its objective of re-establishing linkages formed during IndoDairy with Institut Pertanian Bogor. Through a combination of online research and a series of face-to-face meetings, the project team has identified a number of commercial entities who Southeast Asia Dairy (SEAD) could partner with.

In the Philippines, Alaska Milk, Samahang Maggagatas NG Batangas Co-operative (SAMABACO), and a secondary co-operative Katipunan ng Mga Kooperatibang Maggagatas Inc (KKMI) all shared SEAD’s purpose of growing the participation and profitability of SHDs in value chains.

Addressing milk bacterial contamination and improving farm productivity were common themes arising from consultations. An additional intervention arising from the mission was the poor longevity of imported heifers from Australia.

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