Bamboo agroforestry in East Nusa Tenggara

a man wearing a white helmet, holding a large knife, leans on tall bamboo trees
Project code
AUD 250,000
Research program manager
Dr Nora Devoe
Project leader
Arief Rabik, President Director
Commissioned organisation
Environmental Bamboo Foundation
FEB 2022
JUN 2022
Project status
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This project aimed to provide research needed to further develop commercially viable, evidence-based, sustainable bamboo agroforestry options for Indonesian smallholders, and contribute to the formulation of a standardised process for selecting, appraising, and developing potential bamboo agroforestry landscapes for relevant government initiatives.

The intent was to reach the point where a standardised process for selecting, appraising, and developing potential agroforestry landscapes for the “bamboo villages” could be applied and adapted throughout the Government’s program (EBF 2020, 2021) and in the broader bamboo villages movement. Bamboo is an integral part of many Indonesia communities, and the increased global demand for bamboo products is being viewed by the Indonesia government as an opportunity to enhance rural livelihoods.

    Project outcomes

    • Developing a robust and proven methodology of village appraisal for bamboo agroforestry that is adopted by provincial and national government partners.
    • Developing efficient bamboo propagation methods appropriate for community-based production identified and adopted with standardized processes.
    • Creating appropriate social and governance infrastructure to support successful bamboo agroforestry villages identified.
    Indonesia map
    Key partners
    Environmental Bamboo Foundation (EBF)
    The Agency for Standardization of Environment and Forestry Instruments, Ministry of Environment and Forestry