Improving smallholder well-being through participation in modern value chains: sustaining future growth in the Pakistan citrus industry

Project code
AUD 1,500,000
Research program manager
Ms Irene Kernot
Project leader
Dr Rajendra Adhikari, University of Queensland
Commissioned organisation
The University of Queensland
JAN 2022
DEC 2025
Project status
Legally committed/Active
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This project aims to achieve sustained improvement in the well-being of smallholder citrus families by enabling their men, women and youth to benefit from participation in inclusive value chains that meet market needs and provide equitable returns to farmers.

Project outcomes

Key expected outcomes are:

  • Improving the wellbeing of smallholder families by developing the capability of their men, women and youth as members of higher performing value chains, to meet market needs with the required quality and to receive an equitable share of rewards for doing so.
  • Smallholder farmers adopting production and postharvest practices that reflect consumer preferences in target markets, as opposed to the traditional ‘I produce whatever I can’ approach. Sharing of information by other value chain members , and collaborating with smallholder farmers to meet the quantity and quality demanded in targeted markets.
  • Developing and piloting a chain-wide quality assurance and value distribution model, providing an objective basis for waste reduction, price negotiation and incentive distribution across the demonstration chains.
Key partners
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Department of Agriculture Extension Punjab
Queensland Deparment of Agriculture & Fisheries
University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
University of Queensland
University of Sargodha