Project final report

Pacific Agribusiness Research in Development Initiative Phase 2 (PARDI 2) - Final Report

Date released
03 January 2024
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Dr Inez Mahony, Professor Steven Underhill, Dr Cooper Schouten, Mr Theo Simos, Ms Marita Manley, Dr Cherise Addinsall, Ms Salote Waqairatu, Ms Patricia Bibi, Dr Monal Lal, Mr Manoj Kumar, Professor Paul Southgate, Mr Craig Johns, Ms Lavinia Kaumaitotoya, Ms Janey King-Lilo, Mr Wayne Lilo, and Mr Kyle Stice 


This project aimed to identify and understand how agribusiness development opportunities can improve economic growth and livelihoods in the Pacific. 

It has made a significant contribution to agribusiness awareness and capacity in Fiji and Vanuatu for the agritourism, honey, and tilapia industries specifically. The project has delivered an impact at the individual agribusiness enterprise and industry association levels and has helped shape and reform enabling national policies.

The agribusiness support for the Fiji and Vanuatu agritourism sector proved highly successful. While COVID-19 restrictions (in 2020) effectively closed the Pacific international tourism sector, they also created an environment for change. In Fiji and Vanuatu, tourism businesses and supporting agencies became more responsive to new ideas and approaches to retain business viability. In Vanuatu, there was a greater focus on promoting industry cohesion, supporting local agribusiness industry leaders, and enabling a more effective policy environment.

This report provides evidence of successful agritourism business outcomes and positive industry impacts, such as:

  • Participated in the Vanuatu Sustainable Tourism Policy 2019-2030, with a key role in the development of the Food Tourism and Agritourism Initiative (Produktif Turism Blong Yumi), and establishing and launching the Vanuatu Agritourism Association.
  • Worked closely with the Fiji Beekeepers Association to improve enterprise business practices, raise awareness of product marketing, and build capacity in the Association. 
  • Developed agribusiness support tools such as the intermediate and advanced beekeeping profitability accounting tool; and Honey Tool Kit. 
  • Provided tailored marketing training in product branding, packaging, and marketing webinars, workshops, and extension resource material; and promoted value-adding honey opportunities.
  • Supported the Fiji Beekeeper Association to have a greater industry leadership role (i.e. secured supplementary funding for the Association, technical support and training was delivered with the Association). 

Central to our agribusiness support for tilapia, was the view that industry development is impeded by a lack of product awareness and little market demand, particularly in the high-end consumer markets. An important achievement of the project was identifying resorts as priority markets, demonstrating tangible consumer and market demand, and the Tilapia Compendium.

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