Ecologically-based rodent management

Date released
05 January 1999
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Grant R Singleton, Lyn A Hinds, Herwig Leirs & Zhibin Zhang (eds)


The genesis of this book was a common concern on the lack of progress in rodent pest management over the past 20 years in both developing countries and elsewhere. This has occurred despite the advent in the 1970s of sophisticated chemical rodenticides and effective strategies for their use. What has been lacking is a solid understanding of the biology, behaviour and habitat use of the respective species we are attempting to manage. This book has four broad aims: to raise the profile of the importance of basic research for developing effective, applied management of rodent pest; to argue the need for an ecologically-based approach; to raise the profile of rodent pest management in develolping countries and to spark interest in prospective students in a challenging but rewarding field of endeavour.