Project final report

Developing pearl industry-based livelihoods in the Western Pacific - Final Report

Date released
27 June 2023
Publication Code

Paul Southgate, Thane Militz, Pranesh Kishore, Max Wingfield


This project aimed to increase resilience, productivity, community engagement, and livelihood opportunities from pearl farming in Fiji, Tonga, and Papua New Guinea.

There is an urgent need to identify and implement solutions that will transform coastal food production in the most vulnerable areas to improve food and nutrition security in ways that will be achievable and sustainable despite the severe climate change impacts expected in the coming decades. As the populations of Pacific Island Countries (PICs) grow and climate change accelerates, food and nutrition security is coming under increasing pressure.

This project contributed to the growing need to understand future food systems change in the Pacific region, by exploring two major concepts in sustainability science – transformation and circular bio-economies (CBE) – that are potentially central to achieving the step-change necessary in coastal food systems.

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