John Allwright Fellowship

Lady in a lab holding a plant

Scholarships for partner country scientists to obtain Australian postgraduate qualifications

Applications are now closed

The John Allwright Fellowship (JAF) provides scientists from partner countries currently or recently involved in ACIAR research projects with the opportunity to obtain postgraduate qualifications at Australian tertiary institutions. While individuals will benefit from the scheme, the primary aim of the Fellowship is to enhance research capacity in ACIAR partner country institutions.

The JAF is the largest initiative in the ACIAR Capacity Building Program in financial terms. It provides PhD and Masters scholarships to agricultural researchers, administered through the Australia Awards system. There are approximately 80 JAFs studying in Australia at 12 universities across the country. Applications are invited annually. 

In its Gender Equity Policy and Strategy 2017-2022, ACIAR committed to achieving gender parity in its Capacity Building Program by 2020. In line with this commitment, women now comprise at least half of new JAFs. 

John Allwright Fellowship Executive Leadership Program (JAFel)

In 2019 the first cohort of JAFs began the new John Allwright Fellowship Executive Leadership Program (JAFel), which covers leadership, people and communication skills, finance and project management. Delivered by the University of New England, the fellows undertake a 10-day intensive camp followed by a 15-month program of online learning. The online program takes around six hours a month, complementing the fellows’ postgraduate study. The program concludes with a four-day camp. On completion, JAFel participants achieve 50 per cent of a certificate qualification.