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Our support to Pakistan focuses on a collaborative approach for the long term security of food, water and energy by providing research and development and building technical capacity.

The ACIAR country strategy focuses on agribusiness, key fruit crops (mangoes and citrus), livestock (smallholder dairy), agricultural policy, horticulture and agricultural water management. Our collaboration with Pakistan dates back to 1984, with recent extensions to our research support involving China to better understand rural transformation processes and policies.

Country priorities

  • Building an innovation-based sustainable agriculture sector.
  • Using public investment to improve the profitability of agriculture.
  • Ensuring food security and freedom from hunger.
  • Focus on horticultural crop management and value-chain practices, particularly in high-value crops such as vegetables, mango and citrus.
  • Increased dairy and beef production and marketing, including genetic aspects, animal nutrition, disease control, effective extension support and capacity-building of researchers.
  • Improving productivity issues and disease risk in wheat, smallholder diversification into other crops such as legumes (chickpea, lentil and peanuts).
  • Managing land and water resources, salinity, productive enterprises, policy development, including agriculture markets and water investigation of social policy and capacity obstacles and issues in agriculture markets and water.