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Our support to Laos focuses on reaching bilateral agricultural development goals towards poverty reduction and inclusive economic growth. Our ongoing work and collaboration with Lao People's Democratic Republic has spanned three decades.

The ACIAR country strategy is aligned with the Lao Government's Agricultural Development Strategy in ensuring food security, safety and nutritional security, commercialising agricultural products with high value addition and the sustainable use and management of natural resources.

Country priorities

  • Ensuring efficient and sustainable forestry industries, including non-timber products, with suitable climate change resilience.
  • Creating innovative livestock systems that allow for intensification and land-use requirements, while raising animal health and biosecurity levels.
  • Increasing fish habitat restoration, and protection of fish migration routes.
  • Improving cost-effective and sustainable rice-based farming systems with higher crop quality, through mechanisation, diversification and intensification in quarantine standards and value-adding for domestic and export markets.
  • Improving natural resource management that benefits livelihoods and food security, through delivering land-use options to smallholders, with attention to both water and nutrient management within climate change adaptation.
  • Improving institutional training and communication frameworks that enable smallholders to adopt and adapt new technologies, and enhance the capacity development of researchers and educators.

Active projects by program area