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Making fisheries and aquatic farms more productive and sustainable
fish farming

The Fisheries program aims to make fisheries and aquatic farming systems in partner countries and in Australia more productive and sustainable through international research partnerships directed at:

  • innovative resource management;
  • eliminating environmental damage from fishing or farming;
  • using existing harvests better; and
  • developing productive and sustainable aquatic farming systems.

Through these research partnerships, the Fisheries Program helps collaborating agencies to manage capture fisheries and aquaculture industries for improved incomes and food security.

The portfolio is split approximately 50:50 across aquaculture and wild harvest.

Aquaculture is an important element in meeting the escalating demand for aquatic food and in developing livelihoods in partner countries. The program aims to develop and promote technologies to increase production efficiency, while better understanding and managing production and market-related risks.

ACIAR's research in capture fisheries focuses on developing quantitative assessment methods, resource and habitat rehabilitation, and innovative management approaches.

ACIAR is committed to active engagement with local communities, national fisheries agencies, private sector partners and NGOs in project design and execution.  The geographic focus of the program is in South-East Asia (Indonesia, Timor Leste, the Philippines and Mekong countries), Papua New Guinea and Pacific island countries.  

Research Program Manager: Dr Ann Fleming