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Our support to Papua New Guinea focuses on providing economic governance, supporting human development and enabling inclusive economic growth through responsible and sustainable agricultural research.

The ACIAR country strategy and long-standing and bilateral support in Papua New Guinea is based on a shared history and geography. Together with the Papua New Guinea Government, our projects and programs remain focused on promoting economic growth through sustainable agriculture, fisheries and forestry management.

Ultimately, our research aims to help secure improvements in food supply, food access and rural incomes for smallholders through increased productivity and enhanced access to markets and services.

Country priorities

  • Overcoming social, cultural and policy obstacles to gaining benefits from agricultural technologies, particularly with respect to gender equity and women.
  • Improve smallholder vegetables and starchy staple systems.
  • Analyse commodity and market-chain analysis to guide policy and improve production and marketing for cocoa, coffee, coconut and oil palm crops.
  • Enhancing germplasm quality for high-value tree species, improving community forestry and agroforestry systems and developing markets and adding value to wood and non-wood products
  • Working with private sector partners and farmers to adopt promising agricultural technologies.
  • Enhancing livelihoods from smallholder fisheries, and inland and marine aquaculture.
  • Increasing household income through diversifying enterprises.
  • Making production systems, including livestock health and production, sustainable and resilient.

Download the AOP 2022-23 Papua New Guinea chapter

Active projects by program area