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Improving fruit, vegetable and ornamental crop production.
Researchers studying banana plants

ACIAR’s horticulture research program aims to improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability of fruit, vegetable and ornamental crop production in developing countries and Australia.

Its emphasis is improving the utility and efficiency of supply chains, optimising the quality and suitability of produce for market requirements, and minimising pre- and post-harvest losses of fruit and vegetable crops.  

The ACIAR horticulture program will increasingly focus on a complete supply chain approach to crop production. This approach will aim to identify and address multiple constraints to individual horticultural industry development that often arise simultaneously throughout the supply chain and that can make single issue interventions less effective.

The challenges for research are two-fold: increasing productivity on-farm through a focus on quality through integrated crop management, disease and pest control and postharvest storage and management; and focusing on biosecurity, export development and commercialisation of new products beyond the farm.

Research Program Manager: Irene Kernot